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We submit documents for entering the chosen University and supervise the whole process mandatory, up to the confirmation of the applicant admission.

Informational support. Not always the information displayed on social networks and websites is reliable and accurate. The probability of loss of relevance and possible changes always take place, so that students can make mistakes that can affect the outcome of the whole process and ultimate success. Information provided by our company is always current and accurate, obtained from direct sources, which do not leave doubts of the veracity.

Thorough preparation. Do not forget that the percentage of the enrollment in prestigious universities is very low, accordingly, the admission implies large competition. Documents are submitted by the strongest applicants from around the world and only about 10% succeed. It all depends on the package of documents, and also on competent preparation for personal interview. We know perfectly how to present your strengths and to correctly map the required documents, and can prepare you for the upcoming interview with the Selection Committee for what reason your chances of admission shall increase significantly. The process can take a long time, but the result is definitely worth it.

Saving time and money. For each applicant – particular strategy and individual approach. Our job also is to provide you with the best options of universities and academic programs in the shortest possible time, in order to proceed immediately to the preparation and execution of the plan. And even if your budget is limited – we shall help you to find options for financial aid and grants, which shall greatly facilitate the payment process. Our long experience in the selection of the strategy and drawing up the personal plan allows us to assert with confidence that with us, your chances of successful entry increases repeatedly.

Higher education is the most promising investment in the future, which should be made along with professionals.

What can we offer you:
  • - free advice on the issues of higher education abroad
  • - selection of university and academic programs
  • - translation and preparation of necessary documents
  • - correction of information and preparation for personal interview
  • - sending documents to the selected university
  • - assistance in obtaining a student visa
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