Law School Admissions
Legal education at the universities of the Ivy League and other prestigious universities is an opportunity to build a career of a global scale. It was at these universities where the greatest personalities of history, presidents and senators, members of the UN, ministers, ambassadors, lawyers and doctors of science were educated. The law faculties of these universities have been operating for many centuries, leaving no doubt about the quality and effectiveness of the educational process. It is quite possible to reach such heights, although it is very difficult. The process requires attention to every detail and involves a lot of work. But, if you are confident in yourself - we are ready to help you!
Stages of our work
Purpose of the consultation.
Contact us, state your wishes and after a while we will be happy to meet with you for a preliminary consultation.
Action planning.
Our consultant will offer you several options for achieving your goals, including all the pros and cons.
Choosing a package of services.
After the plan is approved, we conclude a financial agreement and start working, according to your wishes.
Work process and results.
Depending on the task, we proceed to action to achieve your goal, whether it is collecting documents or checking your knowledge before entering. If the outcome is negative, we refund the agreed amount for our services.
Choose your plan according to your needs and preferences

Law Admissions Lite Package

This one's perfect for you if you are applying for 1 School:

What Our Complete Package Includes:

  • Strategy Plan
  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation #1
  • Letter of Recommendation #2
  • Essay 1500 Words
  • 1 Mock Interview Prep

Law Admissions Premium Package

This one's perfect for you if you are applying for 10 Schools:

What Our Complete Package Includes:

  • Personal Brand Development
  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation #1
  • Letter of Recommendation #2
  • Essay 15000 Words
  • 10 Mock Interview Prep
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Decision counseling
Important aspects of the work of our consulting team.
Before we get started, we develop a specific strategy and action plan, individually for each client. So how exactly are we ready to help you and how does it work?
Questioning a candidate
We ask only professional questions, the answers to which are the basis of the overall picture of your success. We expect utmost honesty from you, because the result of our work and your future depends on this.
Strategy development
Now that we know you better, it is time to choose a strategy for our cooperation and to identify your strengths to represent them in the most beneficial way for you
Gathering a puzzle
After receiving and processing all the information, we need to synthesize it and make several action plans. In order to avoid the slightest oversight, each plan must foresee all possible difficulties and offer solutions already planned in advance.
Essay writing
One of your main tasks is to write a business essay, in which you have to show your knowledge as much as possible and defend the point of view. The more unique your essay is, the more chances for success you have. We will point out your mistakes and help you with advice so that your work is the most productive and reflects what you meanas much as possible.
Expert opinion
One head is good, but two are better! We are attracting more experts from outside who cooperate with us and are happy to point out mistakes. Thanks to such work on the mistakes, we can exclude most of all possible disadvantages and achieve the best result.
Checking and preparing a CV
A CV is your face in the field of business and a competently written CV is half the success. In the sphere of education, it means nothing less, and also requires a special approach.
Letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation affect the result no less than a summary and other necessary documents. We can direct those who gave you these papers and help them accurately and profitably present your skills and talents in a favorable light.
Preparing for an interview
We prepare you for the interview with the admission committee, help you put emphasis on the necessary things and cope with the excitement, and also, we hold training meetings, during which you can work on your own mistakes.
Additional support
Everything that in our efforts and within our competence is available to you at any time! Advice on grants and scholarships, a selection of internships, professional courses and other educational programs - all this is included in our services, and we will always be happy to help you with this.
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