All great people turn a dream into a goal, which they certainly achieve, and we are here to teach you to dream productively!
About us
A consulting company in the field of higher education in the very heart of Central Asia. We are located in Tashkent - the irresistible and picturesque capital of sunny Uzbekistan. For a long time we have been personifying the wind of change for the young generation, which with our help changes the world for the better.
Mission of company
"Education Standard"
Many people think wrong and adhere to the stereotypes that admission by a prestigious university is an impossible mission, which one should not even undertake. Our goal is to break the stereotypes and give every decent candidate a chance to cope with the difficult task and achieve a positive result. Since 2003, our company has been helping students of the CIS countries realize their ambitions and become one step closer to success. Our long experience in the field of consulting helps us realize the intentions of our clients. We have full information about the process of admission, collection and submission of documents, and also we can provide visa support. The highly qualified personnel of our company will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you with the admission. The success and ambitions of our students inspire us, and to realizing them is our priority.
Elena Sergeeva
Founder & Director General
When ambition is directed towards exceeding yourself, it takes on a healthy, vigorous quality. This is the mastery mindset. We start to favor process instead of the outcome. Healthy ambition comes from a foundation of gratitude. If the above sounds like you, then we can help you to make the world a better place by helping you get a world class education. The elite universities provide a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life. Historically, education has played a crucial role in social mobility, and the situation is no different today. Years of education will invariably shape the rest of your life. Do not fear your personal ambitions, rather embark on the journey towards your dream education at one of the best universities in the world. We are here to support you and provide all necessary tools to excel and build a meaningful life. You can surely rely on our help and support on every step of the journey, and hopefully, we will take pride for what we achieved together. One wise man said the only wealth that cannot be taken away is knowledge in your head.
Testimonials of parents
Initially, we did not even think about the availability of such services until we saw the advertisement of Education Standard on the Internet. We were interested, applied and decided to try to use the services of the company. The process was quite long, it took us a long time to choose an educational institution, because the consultants provided us with many options and it was difficult to decide! First of all, I would like to thank the team for your patience and understanding, the end result has exceeded all our expectations! I thank the company Education Standard for the work, and a special thanks to Elena Sergeeva - the director of the company, for her professionalism and loyal attitude! Prosperity to you!
Mother of student
Our son decided to act independently, but, unfortunately, every time faced with regular problems. Also, he was refused a visa and we were completely despaired. We applied to consulting offices dealing with education services, but lost time and nerves there. In addition, the college rating were low, the learning process was for some reason was let decline, and it was difficult to find a suitable foreign university that would provide a quality education, and not only took money for tuition and gave nothing in return. We came to the office of the company Education Standard, on the advice of friends with a baggage of failures and not the best educational success. It took, of course, a lot of time to restore an adequate picture, process information and collect new documents. Surprisingly, the company offered many more options of universities and countries, and eventually the son was admitted by the Massachusetts University, which fact we are very excited about!Yes, it is difficult, but feasible and worth it! Many thanks to Education Standard for the professionalism that we have found only by contacting your company!
Mother of student
My wife and I have been married for many years, but education remains one of the family priorities, and even the country - Switzerland has been chosen. We did not want to study in different universities, besides, we have a child who also had to be arrangedfor an appropriate educational institution. Education Standard quickly and easily solved our question! We both enteredWarwick, I entered MBA program and my wife – Master’s program. Conveniently, we could arrange the child at Public School without any effort! The visa was received quickly, the entire process took the shortest possible time and delivered no trouble! We are very satisfied with and grateful to Education Standard, Elena Sergeeva and the whole team for their efficiency and quality of work! We wish you success and further prosperity!
Father of student
Me and my wife are an outcome of the Soviet system, and we believe that education is what makes us successful and gives us a life base. We are of the opinion that it is necessary to prepare carefully in advance and hope only for one's own strengths and mental abilities, otherwise a person has little chance to become independent and his "second-rate" diploma will not give him much. Partners at work advised the company Education Standard and having applied there, we did not regret. Elena Sergeeva is a professional in her business, she knows what education means in a person's life and has understood us with a half-word. Now our daughter studies at a high school in England and prepares to enter a university. We are very pleased with the choice, the most important thing is that we have saved time and nerves, trusting experts. We express our gratitude to Education Standard company and special thanks to Elena for her competent approach and high level of professionalism! We advise everyone who takes such things seriously and wants the best for their children.
Father of student
Our address
102 office, Atlas Business Tower, 19 Mirzo Ulugbek Avenue, Tashkent, 100007, Uzbekistan